Ken Bova
Color plays a major role in my work. It functions not only as compositional element, visual attractor, symbol, and metaphor but also as a material nexus between metal and image.

My research interests are two-fold and involve the connection, creation, and application of color with metal. First is an on-going investigation into the development of natural and handmade mineral pigments to apply color to metal and jewelry forms. Second involves experimenting with the properties of white liquid enamel and the variety of color effects that can be achieved with the technique of torch firing.

Both of these material applications provide sometimes unexpected and serendipitous results. I have been exploiting these processes to develop a vivid body of work that expresses my interest in both narrative and gestural information utilizing what others often consider ordinary and common material.

Detail Exterior: Water Drop
Enamel on Copper
5.5 inches dia.
Torch fired white liquid enamel with sgraffito