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Dip, Dry, Draw, & Fire: Color from White Liquid Enamel
In this workshop students experience the possibilities available with liquid enamel to create colorful and graphic imagery for brooch, earring, and small vessel forms. We learn how to dip, brush, pour, paint, draw with, and torch fire this versatile form of enamel on copper.

The class also explores additional applications of sifting, over-firing, and sgraffito techniques to get intense color effects. Time permitting we'll cover a variety of linking mechanics, an assortment of bench tricks, and assemblage processes. The ability to use a jeweler’s saw for piercing is helpful but not necessary. Expect to make lots of samples and small wearable pieces. All Levels.

Work shown was created in my workshop by Annie Grimes Williams. Colors in these sample pieces were created with the torch using white liquid enamel